Wyatt Lily’s Giving Away 100 Backpacks!

Wyatt Lily loves her Babiators backpack so much she is donating 100, on WyattLily.com, or 212-580-5459 to order for yourself!

Wyatt Lily loves her pink Babiators backpack for back-to-school fun.

Wyatt Lily is giving away 100 Babiators Rocket Pack backpacks – and we need your help deciding who to give them to! Do you have a favorite church or synagogue that is collecting back-to-school gear for children in need? Or maybe there’s a community center near you that is loading up packs with back-to-school lunches?

Tell us in the comments where you’d like to see these 100 backpacks donated!

Babiators Rocket Packs are safe and durable for kids of all ages. Plus, they have padded straps for the ultimate in comfort, and tons of hidden pockets and fun loops for holding onto accessories for all kinds of adventures – both in and out of the classroom.

Wyatt uses her hot pink fashion-forward Rocket Pack for school, and loves her camo one for adventures outside the classroom! Which does your child prefer?

Wyatt Lily gives away 100 Babiators backpacks on WyattLily.com, or call 212-580-5459 to order!

Wyatt Lily is giving away 100 of these durable packs to children in need – help us decide where!

Wyatt Lily offers fun, whimsical kids clothes for children ages newborn to 6 years old, plus inventive gifts and books. Not sure what to buy? Call the store anytime – we know all the best choices for little kids, both boys and girls, plus the perfect presents for baby showers and birthday parties.

Wyatt loves adventures with her Babiators backpack, on WyattLily.com or 212-580-5459 to order for yourself!

For adventures, Wyatt prefers her pack in camo print.

Wyatt Lily has 100 packs to give away – 35 each in blue and camo, and 30 packs in pink.

So where should we donate these great back-to-school packs?

To enter your favorite charity, school or religious organization working with children in need, please sign up here for our monthly newsletter!

And leave your vote in the comments below!

We’ll be deciding THIS WEEK, so enter now!

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