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Rachel Uchitel Opens ‘Wyatt Lily’ Boutique In Honor Of Daughter, 2

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Rachel Uchitel and Wyatt Lily at their Boutique

Courtesy of Rachel Uchitel

Rachel Uchitel has clearly left the nightlife in the past. After giving birth to her daughter Wyatt Lily just two years ago, this motivated mommy decided to open her own children’s boutique clothing and accessories store. Rachel tells HollywoodLife.com what prompted the decision to start her own business, how it allows her to put her daughter Wyatt first, and so much more!

Rachel Uchitel has turned a new leaf now that she is a single mom. Since welcoming her baby girl, Wyatt Lily, Rachel started her own business to make sure she could always put her daughter first. Hollywoodlife.com caught up with the 38-year-old mom and she gave us exclusive scoop about her new endeavor!


Rachel Uchitel Opens New Baby Store In NYC

Though she has recently received some help in her love life from Pattie Stanger, Rachel has shown that she is a highly motivated business-savvy woman!

Shortly after moving back to New York City, the former party-girl-turned-mom opened up a chic baby boutique on the posh Upper West Side.

Rachel told HollywoodLife.com EXCLUSIVELY that once he beautiful daughter Wyatt Lily was born, the decision to open a baby boutique came naturally.

“Being back in New York meant a lot to me and I felt torn between finding a purpose for myself and a job for myself and really not being away from my daughter at the same time,” Rachel explained. “So I came up with the idea, obviously, of starting my own business and it really translated into all things my daughter because that is what my life has become.”

Like any true business woman does, Rachel scoped out her competition and saw the major lack and need for a baby clothing store that offered affordable yet sensible clothing for infants.

“I saw the need for affordable luxurious clothes that made sense,” Rachel told us. “No matter how much money somebody has, I think they always want to get a deal and feel like they are not spending an extraordinary amount of money on children’s clothes because as any parent knows, you were something a couple of times and then it either gets completely dirty or ripped or they grow out of it at a certain age.”

So, what makes baby boutique Wyatt Lily unique you ask? Well, unlike other clothing stores, Rachel’s boutique is made for a specific age range.

“The store [offers clothing] for newborn to six years of age for boys and girls,” Rachel informed HollywoodLife.com. “Wyatt Lily has just launched [it’s] own basics collection: adorable jeggings with little rhinestones on the back side, hooded vests for the little hipster, adorable dresses, and basic tanks to go with any outfit.”

Rachel also made sure to let us know that her store offered other practical items and cute gifts for babies that go beyond clothing.

“It’s not just clothing, there are also accessories,” Rachel says, “Like chew beads which are very popular, and they are beaded necklaces and bracelets that mommy can wear and baby can actually teethe on. They are fun and they are colorful!”

Rachel Says Daughter Wyatt Is A Fashionista In The Making

When we asked Rachel if her daughter Wyatt had started expressing an interest in fashion, she told us the almost 2-year-old is already making her own choices.

“[Wyatt] definitely has started voicing an opinion on what she likes to wear,” Rachel shared.

Of course, having an eye for fashion along with a little girl is super helpful when it comes to buying clothing for the store!

“The perks of having [my] own children’s store are that I bring home everything I have in the store in her size, so that she can be my personal little model,” Rachel shared. “And I also love trying things on her, that way I know when things don’t work.”

Seems like Rachel’s daughter is not only her inspiration, but also an awesome little business tool!

The most important question is, of course, what does Wyatt like best from her namesake boutique?

“One of our favorite lines is ‘Oh Baby’ and they make these really cute tutus that have sparkles in them,” Rachel explained. “Wyatt, on a daily basis, tries to put one of these tutus on over all her clothes. So, that’s one of her favorite things that she likes from our store.”

So cute! HollyMoms, be sure to check out WyattLily.com where you can shop for adorable clothing and accessories online.

– By Stephanie Sengwe

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