Small Brands We Love

Momtrends “Loves” Wyatt Lily!

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There are so many great blogs and sites out that there Wyatt Lily loves and supports! One of them is Momtrends, a popular, engaging web site connected to many different brands that features all kinds of fun parenting content – including where to buy kids clothes! The site covers everything from daily tips for moms to fashion and beauty (again, that’s where we can come in!), and has a huge social media presence, including writer Serena Norr. They often learn about smaller, new brands and companies that are unique and special in their given category. Wyatt Lily was thrilled to be named one of Momtrends’ “Small Brands We Love” on her site!

Wyatt Lily was featured on a small brands roundup on Momtrends

Momtrends did a write-up on Wyatt Lily, saying that our chic Upper West Side store is one of its top favorites for kid’s clothing! She went on to write, “During a recent visit, I loved checking out their collection of beautiful clothing, specialty gifts, plush toys, books and monogrammed items. They also have a high-end consignment section where they accept unused and lightly worn items for boys and girls sizes 0-6 yrs.” Her favorite part of the store was the high-end clothing. She searched through the items and found a mix of classic, whimsical and modern pieces.

A few other brands the author ended up loving are Just Pretend Kids, who makes high-quality dress up costumes, PocketDerm, Happy Caterpiller, and vegan and cruelty-free products from The Gnarly Whale. She’s also a fan of Iwilla Rememdy’s natural skincare and body oils with botanical ingredients. If you’re a mom who’s always on the go, she also recommends Tidy Totes, an eco-friendly storage system of reusable drawstring totes for storing dirty clothes, burp clothes, diapers, and more. These are all amazing companies that keep little ones looking fashionable and feeling healthy. Thanks, Momtrends! Wyatt Lily was honored to be among such great company!

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