Tady Tote is a tote and playtime blanket in one

Wyatt takes her pastel pink cammo tote to the park – where it opens with her toys into a plush play blanket.

We are newly obsessed with the clever, adorable Tady Tote and couldn’t wait one more minute to share it with you! The chic tote (the most stylish of diaper bags) unfolds like a picnic blanket, uncovering all your child’s favorite toys, books and accessories for easy play. And when you’re done, it all folds right back up – easiest clean-up ever!
Being busy New York women on the move, Wyatt and I took ours to the park over the weekend and had a wonderful afternoon playing in the late summer sun. The fabric has water-resistant coating to guard against damp grass, and the mat is as thick as a comforter.

This teddy bear blanket is inside the Tady Tote

The tote opens up to reveal this adorable teddy pair blanket

There are four styles, and all are really beautiful. My pick? The pastel pink cammo, which goes with everything. There is also a mocha-colored brown one with swirls, sea foam and brown bubbles, and pink and brown flowers. Love this color scheme! I use my bag for our day-to-day tote, because I love it so much – even if we’re not going to be using the blanket feature that day.

The indoor-outdoor comfy teddy bear blanket is perfect for playdates, trips to the park (like we love!), keeping little ones occupied at family events, and baby tummy time. Its versatility means your child won’t grow out of it so quickly – it’s an infant sleep mat and toddler playdate carry-all in one.

Tady Tote comes in four styles.

The Tady Tote also comes in this mocha swirl pattern.

The entire tote is machine washable, and the teddy bear blanket removes for easy laundering. In fact, the blanket on its own is perfect for snuggling on the couch with family.
The creator of the Tady Tote, Sharon Soloway, is an active mother of two. Surprised? Us either! I’m enamored – choosing her product for my first Rachel’s Pick was a no-brainer.

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