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Wyatt Lily kicked off Back to School with the donation of 100 backpacks – and we asked for your help in recommending worthy charities, schools or religious organizations that would make excellent use of these ultra-important school supplies. And now… we have an announcement! Owner/founder (and Mom to Wyatt!) Rachel Uchitel is donating 50 backpacks to Baby Buggy. This national non-profit provides clothing, services and other essentials to needy families and children up to age 14. So it was a perfect fit!

The backpacks (sturdy, kid-approved Rocket Packs by Babiators) will be donated to Baby Buggy’s partner sites focused on early education—primarily the Early Head Start, Head Start, and Fatherhood programs. Tuesday, Sept. 16th is “Dads Take Your Child to School” day. The engaging day encourages fathers to continue to remain as dedicated and actively involved as possible in their children’s education, despite financial limitation or limited resources from unemployment or underemployment. In honor of this inspiring Dads Take Your Child to School day, many of the 50 backpacks from Wyatt Lily are being donated to children whose fathers participate in this wonderful program.

Babiators Rocket Packs are safe and sturdy for kids of all ages—even Wyatt herself uses the hot pink and camo ones! The packs have padded straps and tons of pockets for everything from snacks to school supplies to sports equipment, making them fun and useful for both education and playtime. The durable material means a child could get many years of wear out of this one donation. So Rachel chose these packs as the store’s Back-to-School donation without thinking twice.

The remaining 50 backpacks will soon be donated to another organization. We’re still deciding – if you have any additional ideas, let us know in the comments below!

And please consider donating time, money, or gear to Baby Buggy. They are such an amazing organization that fights so hard to help the children and families who need it the most.

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